Probably my last picture I will be posting for a few days. About to have my last grand hurrah in Tokyo with a friend and our camera gear. I really want to eventually move to Germany in the future, but I will be missing all of the sites to be seen in Tokyo and how easy it is to get around anywhere in the city. It is a photographers dream.



Schnapps Distillery

During a recent business trip to Germany a group of my counterparts that work all over Europe were able to head out to the quaint village of Reichenbach to visit a well-known schnapps distillery to get liquored up and eat some tasty German food also known as schnitzel. The distillery is called Brennerei Mischler & Raudonat which can be found here.


What is Wodka and is it even safe for human consumption?

When I walked in I was surprised at how many different kinds of liquors they had for sale. I was expecting to find a very extensive distillery in the basement somewhere, but this was actually all they needed to get the job done, and I mean they made every kind of schnapps you could think of such as jalapeño schnapps, so this must be one impressive machine!

Schnapps Dragon

The food was extremely good as well. Stop by if you are ever in the Rheinland-Pfalz area! And like that, I am off to Thailand for 2 weeks in about 1 hour!


I just arrived back from a week long trip to Southern Germany for training where I gorged myself on schnitzel, schnitzel, and more schnitzel. I cleaned up every single pommes that was to be found on my plate. I think if you do the calculations I should probably be running about 300 miles to offset the surplus calories I took in during that trip.

I didn’t get a lot of time to take pictures with my new trusty steed due to lack of time and an ultra bland sky, so instead I’ll post this shot taken nearby the area I was in during my July visit. I might have a few keepers from this last trip, but I still have to load those.



So here I am in Germany and I finally had some free time this weekend to cruise around the countryside and shoot the amazing rolling fields with such vivid yellow colors and wicked clouds contrasted by deep blue sky. Perfect shooting conditions. Today I have been sitting here showing one of my friends the process that I use with merging different HDR versions of the same shot with a DRI and then layering them together in Photoshop and this is the result.