Lava St.

Here is another slightly interesting picture taken through the window of our hotel in Singapore. This is an HDR shot that I am surprised turned out since I had my camera sitting on top of books and jammed into the window. My D40 lacks auto-bracketing so I had to manually move dials to capture each separate exposure value. This time it was about as sharp as I could expect to get it using such a ghetto method.

Singapore City Streets


27 Floors

This was taken from the lobby of a hotel we stayed at in Singapore earlier this year. Absolutely amazing interior and very nice rooms. The Holiday Inn Atrium also has extremely reasonable room rates and is very close to the Clarke Quay River Walk.

27 Floors

This was the view we had from our room on the 26th floor-
Singapore Hotel View

Volcanic Laptop

Well I have a bunch of photos to post process from our recent Mt. Fuji climb, but my fan is giving out in my laptop which means anytime I run a processor intensive program like Lightroom or Photoshop, it feels like it is on fire.

Taken at the Singapore Zoo-
Singapore Night Safari

I ended up ordering a new Dell Studio 17 laptop which should be much more comfortable for post processing as opposed to this 15.4″ laptop. So it may be a few weeks before I do much work on those photos. Waiting for this laptop is going to be unbearable!