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East Peak Weirdos

I purchased my first DSLR back in January 2008 and I have since become completely enamored with photography. I enjoy the gear, the processing, the photos, and especially the actual traveling.

I am looking into different options to have my eyes upgraded to robot eyes, and sometime in the near future I am possibly going to get metal legs for traveling. I am pretty much interested in all types of photography that does not involve setting up studio type lighting, but I wouldn’t mind getting into that if I were to be paid either. I usually end up with more shots of scenery and architecture during my travels, but mostly because I feel like a creep taking random shots of locals out and about without asking for their permission.

I can spend hours going through photos on Flickr and use what I find to hone my technique, get creative ideas, and learn the technical details that seem to work best in certain situations.


The Man Comes Around

Steezus - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

My Gear:
Nikon D700

Nikkor 14-24 f2.8 G ED
Nikkor 50mm f1.8D
Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 G ED VR

Kenko Macro Tubes

Benro C-258M8 Tripod
Bogen/Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod
Acratech GV2 Ballhead
RRS B2-Pro/L Clamp

Dakine Mission Photopack
CP, ND, and Grad Filters
Robot Eyes

The Chimp


20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very nice camera work! I’ve always taken pictures with cheap cameras and just became interested in stepping up to a high-end setup. Thanks for listing your equipment. I’ll definitely include it in my research – not to mention the D300 you also mentioned.

    Keep up the great work!



  2. You’ve got some pretty outstanding photos here. I’ve been looking through them, and couldn’t help but be impressed so much I felt compelled to compliment you on some grand work.
    I only recently purchased a Nikon D60, my first DSLR, and I’m slowly learning this and that, but I’ve already impressed myself with a few things I can do. Looking at your photos here though, even the ones you took with the D40, I can see I have a LONG way to go in learning my style and technique.

  3. Thank you very much! It has been really fun to learn about photography through trial and error since I first purchased that D40. The picture quality of the D40 is every bit as good as my D80, just a little easier to get it to do what you want. I am sure the D60 wouldn’t disappoint either.

    Let me know if you ever post your photos on flickr or to a blog and I will surely check them out.

  4. You need to write home more often, stop taking pictures and write your mother.
    Candice has a bumper sticker on her car it reads: “Love Your Mother”.
    (catchy don’t you think?)

    Love you flickr man~

  5. How did you not tell me about this site or the five others you have. I shall slay you next time we meet. hahhaha nice job though man I didnt know that you had theze skizillz. FACE.

  6. Your pictures are amazing. You have a great eye and obviously alot of knowlege and technical skiill. Keep up the good work, haven’t seen you in a long time, looks like your doing well and your wife is beautiful! My sister in law is a photographer and Im going to show her your site, she’ll love it.

  7. Abi,
    Thanks for all the tips and insights on how to improve my photo skills. They came in handy during my Thailand vacation. Setting up my Flickr account now. Hard part is deciding what pics are good enough to upload. LOL.

    Small world so hopefully we’ll cross paths again. Cheers.


  8. I stumbled across your blog after doing some trip research for my upcoming trip to Thailand. I love your HDR’s and have been trying to convince myself that it’d be more convenient to leave my DSLR and gear at home. However, after seeing your shots, that’s the one thing I’m absolutely bringing. Great work and thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Thank you for the compliments! I definitely think bringing my DSLR gear motivates me a lot more to get out during the most beautiful hours of evening and sunset to try and get some decent shots. It only makes me wish I had gotten into photography a lot earlier in life!

  10. Hello,

    would you sell one of your pictures? I’d like to see it in my flat (3,60 x 1,00 m) as a high_res alu-dibond print 😉

    Greets from Vienna/Austria/Europe/World

  11. I would be honored and it is all yours for free. Let me know which one is all I ask. Also, if Flickr doesn’t let you download a hi res version, let me know and I can send you the highest res version I’ve got. Thanks for stopping by Christian!

  12. Hey,

    I work as a writer for yahoo travel and we are doing a roundup of the World’s Most intimidating travel activities. I want to feature Mt. Huashan and I’ve LOVE to have one of your horizontal photos to run with our copy about it.

    If you are interested, we could link to your site and your blog and give you a photo credit. I don’t have the authorization to pay for photos for these roundups, but our last post on riverboat journeys got close to 1 million hits, so it’s great exposure.
    You can see that article here; http://travel.yahoo.com/blogs/compass/spectacular-riverboat-journeys-around-world-211908260.html?page=all

    Could you reach back out to me asap and let me know one way or the other?
    My email is jennyadamsfreelance@gmail.com
    or you can call me at 205 937 2515


  13. Hello,
    Your photographs amaze me and one in particular. I would like to have it printed on canvas fr my living room, if you permit and send me a high resolution version. It is the one in Istanbul with the two ladies taking a picure out of a window, black/white. I would really appreciate it.
    All the Best from Istanbul…

  14. Thank you for the compliment. You are welcome to print anything you would like. Here is the link to the highest resolution I have available. The camera is only 12mp, so I’m not sure how large you can print it and have it still look nice, but hopefully it works for you. Thanks again!

  15. Hi Clint. FoxNews.com would love to use your picture Mt. Huashan Plank Walk for a story we’re doing on the world’s most dangerous tourist experiences. Please let us know if that’s possible. We can’t pay but can link back to your site. thanks grace.cutler@foxnews.com

  16. Grace, sure, no problem as long as you leave credit for the photos. Sorry it took me so long to find your comment. I was innundated with a ton of spam over the last few weeks making it hard to find your comment.

  17. Hello again, Clint – hoping you’ll read this comment! As I mentioned before, your work is brilliant! I am a horror/science fiction writer – together with Stoker Award-winning author Joe McKinney I am co-editing an anthology on forsaken places – we would love to use your photo of the gas station in Turkey as our cover – we don’t have a budget for payment, but would certainly give you and your blog credit – it might also be possible to give you a share of any profits, as we will do with the authors. Please let me know whether you are interested – my email is below. Thanks! – Mark

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