Ōsanbashi Pier

I was packing for a badass trip to the Sangre de Cristo mountains for some paragliding, hiking, and photography when my wife gets a call on the phone. Time to go back to work. The bastards! We had a good 6 or 7 week run of no work, so I can’t really complain. Anyways I am taking out my frustrations on Lightroom. These were all taken at the Port of Yokohama on the Ōsanbashi Pier.

I have no idea who the hell Jack is or why that is there. It must be some kind of conspiracy against Jack Daniels for making liquor that tastes like ass.


A Burning Yearning

Believe it or not, but I spent a lot of time pissed off at Japan. The high road tolls, sneaky expensive train costs, super crowds, waiting in lines, waiting in trains, waiting in traffic, humidity.. I found a lot to frustrate me. Then I left for Turkey thinking I would not be back again, then our plans changed and I ended up getting to spend a couple more months back in Japan before leaving.

While I was away I guess I started to realize how great it was for photography alone. You literally go anywhere in the city and take a picture and  you will usually end up with an interesting building, shrine, or human element. I could never get bored of surfing trains deep into Tokyo with all my camera stuff and an iPod playing the soundtrack to life. The amount of unique culture in Japan is astounding and seems to find its way into almost all said buildings, shrines, and human elements. The way the Japanese people conduct themselves with utmost integrity blows my mind. You can walk around alone with a bag full of money strapped to your back in the middle of the night almost anywhere in Tokyo and you would be okay. I would love to go back someday, but next time up north in the mountains since I am not a big city type of person. Then I would have the best of both worlds dipping my spoon into the big cities when I grow restless from chilling in natural springs with my snow monkey friends.

Ōsanbashi Pier
Ōsanbashi Pier

In Spite of Ferris

Visited the Yokohama landmark tower for a second time with the intentions of capturing some shots of the ferris wheel spinning; I like the light painting effect it gives for long exposures. The last time I was up there, it was spinning, but I was sans tripod. This time I had the tripod, but the ferris wheel was not spinning. I don’t think it was open yet since it was stationary the entire night, I guess I should just be happy they turn the lights on! The third time might be the charm..

In Spite of Ferris

Ōsanbashi Pier

Yesterday was a really nice day in Tokyo and Yokohama, shorts weather even. We decided to head to Yokohama for one last time before we leave in a couple of months. I had yet to visit the Ōsanbashi Pier and I did not have a tripod on me for night shots the last time I went. I also finally received a desktop monitor that morning, so finally here I am editing some shots. We are heading to Hokkaido for the majority of next week departing tomorrow, so I gotta post and pack. Excited to get back into the swing of photography when I get back and also hopefully getting some decent shots on the slopes and in Sapporo.

Their pier itself is a geometric orgasm of elegantly placed and angled two-by-four planks; basically the largest, most stylish deck probably on Earth. You could spend a year shooting it everyday and you could probably find a better angle, a better shot each time. Still, I ended up spending most of my time sniping all the interesting people that were out and about.

High Key Ponders

Ruling the Thirds

Your Tie is Showing

The Escapists


Ballistic Missle

This show was pretty amazing. The trainer was launched about 25 into the air by the whale (could have been a very large dolphin, can’t remember) by standing on its’ nose/mouth area and then going deep and then shooting straight up out of the water like a human ballistic missile. Bad.. Ass..

This picture isn’t all the impressive to me, but the trick was, so I had to post it. This wasn’t even the apex of of height he reached either, I was kind of amazed at what he just did which kind of kept me awestruck for a moment when I should have been sniping.

Ballistic Missile

Sea Paradise

On Sunday we visited the Yokohama Sea Paradise to pretend like we are marine biologists/photographers. I was highly impressed with this aquarium! They have a pretty big variety of sea life to watch including polar bears. They also had a pretty amazing show with not only the animals performing stunts, but the handlers were doing some pretty neat tricks with them as well.


We both shot a ton of pictures, but the lighting was very low as to not blind the sea life that is not always use to bright light; that coupled with the speed at which they like to swim around the massive aquariums made it very, very difficult to get any decent shots that are even half way sharp. The shot below is one of the many blurry shots I took, but I thought these tubes inside the aquarium were very interesting.

Ascent into the Abyss

This Guy

I can only speculate why he is so happy… We were in China Town of Yokohama when I took this. I like to think he is happy because he knows that I will be headed to China for a couple of weeks in about 4 months from now. At least that is why I smile a lot!


Deceiving Simplicity

Growing up in Utah I was not exactly exposed to a highway system of massive interchanges and tunnels covering burgeoning metropolises like the complex vascular system of a human body. So I am kind of in awe when driving through some of the interchanges here in Japan. Yet for some reason, this extremely simplistic picture seems to better invoke that awe rather than a picture of the many arteries of road twisting about each other.


Landmark Tower

Since the pictures in my last post were taken from the top of the Landmark Tower– The 69th floor– I figured I would post a picture taken from the base of the tower. The ferocity of the wind and the darkening sky pretty well required me to use my 50mm 1.8 prime lens to be able to stop up enough to increase the shutter speed adequately to eliminate blur. So the shot is a lot tighter than I would have otherwise framed, but it is kind of growing on me.

Landmark Tower

Merry Christmas!

For some reason we have put off buying a fake tree over the couple of years we have been married. Since we move every couple of years I guess we figured we would try and stay as light as possible. I think we will fix this by next Christmas though. It is getting too difficult getting through the holidays without the bokeh opportunity of a tree, ornaments, and Christmas lights.

Landmark Tower

Instead I have to post some Christmas bokeh taken from a display at the top of the Landmark Tower in Yokohama which we visited the other day. It happens to be the tallest building in Japan at 295.8 meters. I need to go back with a tripod to catch some neat HDR images of the Yokohama city scape.


Hikawa Maru

While in Yokohama we came across the Hikawa Maru which is a ship that is permanently moored in the harbor serving as a maritime museum. It was built in 1929, so it is a very interesting and photogenic ship.

Hikawa Maru

It has an interesting history as it has served as both a passenger ship and a hospital ship. It was actually the only mainstream Imperial Japanese passenger liner to make it through World War II. During that time it also hit mines on 3 separate occasions. Luckily for the Hikawa Maru and its’ crew, the steel hull was thick enough to insure the lifeboats would stay high and dry for me to photograph in another century.

Hikawa Maru Baby Boat

Pseudo Christmas Tree’s

We were in the Yokohama Landmark Tower mall yesterday and came across a Christmas tree made of glass and multicolored LED lights. Every half hour the same John Mayer song would start playing and the LED lights would put up a vibrant display of light in sync with the song. I only had my 50mm f1.8 lens with me and a tripod I left in the vehicle we arrived in… Since I don’t have auto-bracketing I had to split a single HDR image to get my fix. I am sure a long exposure on a tripod would have looked really neat.