This week I processed my shots like a machine. Just going through a set at a time. Well a walk through ODaiba always yields a huge collection of shots, so there is not a lot of variety going on around here at the moment. It is about a 5 minute walk to each one of these spots from that psychotic-light-show-escalator-tunnel deal in my last post.

This one might be a bit funky for some as it is the Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge as seen though a bunch of windows. Deal with it!

A perv-spy shot of a happy couple on a dock. Luckily she was more interested in him rather than some jackass perv-spy gaijin. I seem to usually take a series of 2-3 shots like this and one of them always ends with a person glaring at me once they realized I stole their sole through my camera sensor. Not this time!

And some oh so exciting railing with completely original camera tilt thrown in. I am also post dating this post as I write this on Saturday and tomorrow I am leaving on vacation to Montana for awhile. Hopefully I bring back some shots from there to vary up this blog a little bit.


Curious Hanami

I have a hard time capturing interesting pictures of the hanami as I think it is okay in a shot by itself, but it can look amazing with a cool backdrop to provide additional context about the shot. I tried to incorporate a temple structure and the Tokyo tower in one shot, but unfortunately, the blossoms can not be seen at all in this shot.. So far my favorite from this season would be this little girl who was playing around the falling hanami. If only they showed up in this shot below, it was falling down so hard it was almost like it was snowing.


Curious Hanami

Rainbow Bridge

This shot was take from an amazing spherical observatory within the Fuji TV building in Odaiba. We were in a hurry to get up there before the sunset was over, thus I neglected to get any worthwhile pictures of the outside, although, I will definitely be heading back to photograph that architectural monster.

Inside the sphere they were cranking their lights up for a TV show that was about to be filmed making the windows a reflection hell. I shot a ton of shots trying to get the bridge without picking up the reflections. This one still had them, they were just easier to remove than my other shots. In hindsight, I probably should have tried using my CPL to help remove the reflections.

Rainbow Bridge

From the Outside Looking In

I am not sure what areas of the galaxy do not celebrate Christmas, but so far, out of the United States, I have lived in Turkey and Japan during the holidays; both places have plenty of Christmas spirit during the holidays. Who doesn’t want presents and an excuse to paint buildings and trees with strings of light?

Outside Looking In


Oh yes, yet another photo of the Tokyo Tower masquerading in blue drag. I am barely half done going through my photos. Unfortunately, I have come across completely lackluster sky tones in a lot of my pictures that are usually out of my technical grasp of Photoshop doctoring expertise.

Blue Tokyo Tower 25

Lighter Than the Eiffel Tower

The Tokyo Tower is the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world at 332.6 meters, 13 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower of which the design was based on. It also used advances in steel manufacturing and construction technology to weigh in at 4,000 tons, 3,300 tons less than the Eiffel. One-Third of the metal was scrap metal recycled from 90 US tanks damaged in the Korean War.

Tokyo Tower 3


I have got loads of dust on my sensor at this point. The vacuum cleaner nozzle method is no longer doing any good… Luckily I have some sensor cleaning tools headed to me in the mail right now.

All of the photos I took of the tower were using a small aperture to keep as much in focus as possible. But it also magnifies my dust colony that thrives on the sensor. I am spending way too much time cleaning it up in Photoshop…

Blue Tokyo Tower2

Blue Tower

The weather turned out to be perfect for the blue lighting of the Tokyo Tower for World Diabetes Day. We had packed enough clothes for an arctic expedition and the weather was almost too warm for a light jacket when walking around. The clouds were perfect as they did not bring rain or obscure the tower, they only provided a stunning backdrop for the tower during the night.

I took a ton of photos of the tower, most were 3 exposures so I can hopefully get some neat HDR shots from it. I am sure I will be whoring a lot of those pictures on my blog for the next few days. Here is the first and only shot I have processed so far.

Blue Tokyo Tower