From an extremely fun trip to Hokkaido for some skiing at Niseko and a little exploring in Sapporo, this being on top of Grand Hirafu resort after a small hike from their highest chairlift, classy little single seater.

It was a cold March night in Sapporo and the foggy storm told me it would be interesting to get out and take some shots despite it being late in the middle of the night, so I rolled out of bed with my camera and ended up with a few shots like this.

I was a little tipsy one night after eating out and ended up with a bunch of crooked, off kilter shots, but this decent one was found in that series.



One thousand and eighty photos over the past two and a half days of crawling around Tokyo. The arches in my feet feel as if they have completely disappeared and this is only the beginning. For now, here is a sampler of shapes that have caught my eye during the grand Tokyo extravaganza.




Super HDR Fun Fun!!

Please forgive the awkward angles, this shot would have been much better if I had just shot the empty seat at a perpendicular angle, but we were on our way back from the Sapporo Biergarten and I am a lightweight since I rarely drink, doesn’t make for the greatest shots!. Still, I really thought it was neat to find an ENTIRE empty row on a subway in Japan! I could get use to that!

Super HDR Fun Fun!!

And more awkward angles, but the Sapporo beer was good!

Super HDR Fun Fun!!!


Tokyo is an amazingly dense city comprised of a complex system of buildings, roads, and rail, but what really boggles the mind are the veins and arteries underneath the city. I have no idea how the Japanese engineers have managed to keep the towering building from succumbing to earthquakes while practically every square inch of Tokyo has been hallowed out underground. Here is a small glimps into one of the pores of Shinjuku. Yes, I happened to be doing  lines at the time.

Cocoon Spiral