I am pretty sure this is in no way a unique shot as about 5 million people have probably stood beneath this sculpture with camera pointed towards the sky, but this is my take. I used a 7 shot DRI for the sky and HDR for the sculpture and building. I cheated a little bit and cloned out a small amount of some random building on the bottom left side of the shot.



Spiders? No!

Since I have been in Japan I have been viciously attacked by spiders 3 times! I am pretty sure they are out to get me and I think their aggression is completely unwarranted. I can’t even remember the last time I smashed a spider…


This is a Golden Silk Orb-weaver spider and they are famous for their golden colored webs and the size of webs they create. They are the largest webs in the world. They plaster them all over the biking trails here, so whoever is in front gets to break trough their web and end up with these guys on your body. So far I have had one get inside my helmet while riding a bike.


From what I have read, they are pretty mild manner spiders which is good because their bite is similar to a Black Widow’s, although the pain typically subsides after a day. These two spiders are actually little guys compared to others in their species that we have come across.