They See Me Rollin

I don’t know what this guy was making, but he was pretty determined to roll this piece of plastic around on a rock as if he was trying to flatten it out and make something with it. As intelligent as this species is, you never know what in the world they could be up to!

They See Me Rollin



Monkey Madness

Why I did not lie down in the monkey scat speckled ground to capture an eye level view of a baby monkey wrestling match is beyond me, but this will have to do. I was thinking about making something I could print out and hang on the wall and wanted to try my hand at a tryptych variation, the quadtych. The only problem is that the wifey and I are both obsessed with these monkeys and will probably end up with an overabundance of monkey pictures on our wall once we get moved into our next place.

Monkey Madness


Back to Japan

Been very busy with school packing to go back to Japan in about a week, and trying to get my Internet back up and running. Will stay in Japan until May then we sadly have to move back to the States for a little while. Hopefully not too long though! The first place we are heading when we get back…

Waxing Puffy

Jigokudani Yaenkoen to see my buddies of course!

Balanced Munch

Macaca Fuscata

Well here are a few pictures that I have processed so far. I have never used a DSLR with snow in the background so I read up on how to get the best results. Most people recommended overexposing by 3 to 4 stops to make sure the snow is actually white. Maybe that is good advice when the entire frame is filled with snow, but I seem to need to do a lot of work to recover the blown highlights.

Little Guy

Seeing these Macaque monkeys was by far the coolest thing we have done in Japan so far. We are both enthralled by monkeys in the first place, and these little guys just are way too personable to only see once. The little babies definitely break the cute meter. We have already submitted reservations for a night in the ryokan located in the monkey park. I’ll be posting a lot more pictures in the next few days!