Shinjuku Cluster

Oh my god! Who ever gets tired of shots from Japan? Not me, not you, not anyone! I guess I will call these series of shots I post that are geographically minutes away from each other a “cluster”. I bring you a Shinjuku cluster. Post dated of course.

I’m like a monkey drawn to the lights I guess, but I mean, look at everything going on in this scene! It just makes me want to walk into all of these stores and buy stuff even though I don’t know what any of it is!

Every one of these shots from my last three posts were taken with a photo buddy who visited just before we packed up and left. He makes a ninja appearance in this shot.


Second Chance

I always enjoy going back to Shinjuku for a chance to shoot all of the many buildings and man-made structures that are abound in this area. Some of my favorite shots were from these two vantage points below. I already have shot both of these structures below from almost the exact same spot. This time I just tried a slightly different angle of view and differences in processing.




Tokyo is an amazingly dense city comprised of a complex system of buildings, roads, and rail, but what really boggles the mind are the veins and arteries underneath the city. I have no idea how the Japanese engineers have managed to keep the towering building from succumbing to earthquakes while practically every square inch of Tokyo has been hallowed out underground. Here is a small glimps into one of the pores of Shinjuku. Yes, I happened to be doing  lines at the time.

Cocoon Spiral


Well it is true, I have been doing lines again.

Shinjuku Government Building

I still remember the first time I did lines was when I was at a castle in Turkey about 3 years ago. My equipment was very amateur and I had no idea what I was doing. Eventually it takes over you, but I am still in control.

Tokyo Intl Forum

Now a lot of our money goes to my habit, but I can stop whenever I want. I swear.

Cocoon Building