Red Cliffs

This shot was taken only a few minutes drive from my parents place in St. George, Utah. It is called Red Cliffs Recreational Area. The area is usually devoid of any type of crowds and has a great slot canyon hike with a flowing stream in the spring months. We hiked up out of the canyon and on top of a nearby mesa when I captured this shot.


Procedural Texture

One was taken in a shopping mall in Roppongi, the other in a desert canyon in Southern Utah. Can you guess which one?

Snow Canyon-98


Kumtaşı Formations

I was talking to one of the guys that was on the Cappadocia trip and he had mentioned that for some reason, the sky in his photos looked bluer than blue is allowed to look. I have the same results, this photo below is an HDR of the sandstone merged in with the actual 0 exposure sky straight from RAW to JPEG, no adjustments. It looks like we were using polarizers or cheating it in post, but for some reason, the sky just seem uncharacteristically blue here in Turkey lately. Today I looked up to see what was going on and sure enough, it looks like you can almost see the curvature of the upper layers where that ends and space begins.

Pointed Hat

Dokuz in Turkish mean 9. Doku without the z means “texture”… Çok kolay! This Turkish lesson is for my wife.. You need to study!



I must admit that I love a beautiful blue sky with generous amounts of cancer causing sun. After 2 years in Japan, my vitamin D reserves were completely depleted and I was not on track to get skin cancer as quickly as previously scheduled.

Göreme Silhouette

It is kind of fun and almost necessary to play around with the silhouette caused by the sun during the day time when you are looking up at all the raised sandstone features that dot the Cappadocia region. This one is a bit much with the blown highlights, but I still kind of like what it represents… The sun was shining!


Even the local pups in the area like to go outside and bask in the glory of the sun.