It is fast approaching 2 months since my last post. Since that time we have packed up and moved out of Japan, visited with family in the states of Utah and Idaho, followed by a 3,500 mile road trip to our new home for who knows how long in the middle of Georgia; not the country, the state.. We are still living in a hotel, which is why I have not been anxious to post photos. Processing them on my laptop is slow compared to the desktop and my monitor is not capable of displaying the actual color of my shots. Hopefully we will move into our place in the next 10-15 days and get back to normal.

Well, here is a shot from the first day of our road trip that pretty well sums up how the majority of it went. From our departure in Idaho, we planned on seeing the Tetons, Yellowstone, Beartooth Pass, and Badlands before continuing on down to Georgia. The first day in the Tetons was the only day it was not raining profusely, but it was on the verge almost the entire time we were hiking. Pure photographic frustration!



Trike Bike

Meet Karen Gao. She is a 35-year-old lady that has been living in Xingping for the last 10 years. She moved here because of the hard-core trike bike scene that is so prevalent amongst many Xingpingers. She enjoys riding her trike bike in all conditions, and preferrably with the back of it piled high with premium Magnum ice cream bars–her trike bike sponsor–which helps her beat the heat and humidity on her long trike bike journeys, not to mention, helps her make lots of new friends. She dislikes unicycles and despises the color green.

Trike Bike

*This may or may not be a completely erroneous story filled entirely with fiction!