Thai Jealousy

I have two friends travelling around in Thailand right now, one of them has a Flickr page and some great shots of Thailand found here. Naturally I am jealous, especially when I see shots of the Andaman Sea. I started going through my shots from our last trip to Thailand back in November/December of last year with the intent of putting together a tutorial on exactly how I throw together a lot of my DRI/HDR blended shots. I spent all morning on it, but I was not happy with the shot and scrapped the tutorial part. I cannot just delete the photo after all that work though! This first was taken in the city of Ayutthaya in one of the many, many shrines they have. The other is the 6 shot DRI that I worked on taken during the early morning sunrise at Railay Beach. If you could deport all of the tourists from the area except me and my wife, give me about 100 bags of sea salt and vinegar potato chips, a kayak and couple of years supply of sunscreen, it would be the ultimate beach paradise!




Heaven & Hell

School has started again for me and it is rudely encroaching on my free time to work on my photos.. Damned dirty school! What did you ever teach me about photography? Nothing!

Well this was the evening that I took about 60% of my shots for the entire trip to Thailand. The majority of shots taken here were mostly unremarkable highlighted by a huge series of vertical panorama multiple exposure shots I took of the entire 360 degrees of Railay Beach– that were unfortunately kind of overexposed since I was too good for my histogram or meter during the series. We’ll see if I can save it in the future.

Heaven & Hell

Over Saturated

Not your usual long tail-boat-on-a-nice-deserted-white-sand-paradise-beach picture. This was only about 15 yards from the edge of the beach so they were able to wait until low tide to remedy the situation. These long boats are really damn smoggy and noisy when operating and I secretly wouldn’t have missed this one if it was totally enveloped by the sea, but on the other hand there aren’t a lot of other options to get back and forth between Railay. Still, I have no idea why Thais utilize these slow, inefficient, and completely archaic long boats?


Railay Night

I used my little Photox Cleon remote to take this 141 second exposure of the west side of Railay, the area that we stayed in. The beaches there are amazing and the reason there are 2 sides is that the hotels are all on a very narrow peninsula that only takes about 5 minutes to walk from one side to the other. Both sides are dotted with restaurants right on the beach and the food is pretty damn good and not too prohibitively expensive at only about 600-800 baht for 2 people with more food than you can usually eat.

I notice a lot of blurriness from the trees on the rock face due to the long exposure, which I now see why most long exposures of the ocean or sea turn out better when you mostly focus on the glassy water and wicked skies that start to come out despite what looks like complete darkness to the human eye. I had a few other long exposures that had long tail boats in them and they were so blurry it kind of ruins the shot for me.

Railay Night