Shinjuku Cluster

Oh my god! Who ever gets tired of shots from Japan? Not me, not you, not anyone! I guess I will call these series of shots I post that are geographically minutes away from each other a “cluster”. I bring you a Shinjuku cluster. Post dated of course.

I’m like a monkey drawn to the lights I guess, but I mean, look at everything going on in this scene! It just makes me want to walk into all of these stores and buy stuff even though I don’t know what any of it is!

Every one of these shots from my last three posts were taken with a photo buddy who visited just before we packed up and left. He makes a ninja appearance in this shot.


Crowd Sourcing

More, more, and even more shots from the photography goldmine known as Shibuya Crossing. It is quite entertaining to browse through my shots from this location. A lot of them are not fit for posting, but the expressions on random strangers faces will keep me from ever discarding the files into the bit shredder. When I am shooting, I never realize how many people glance at me with my camera then become extremely shy or timid and look down towards the ground or towards their side  with a big awkward smile. Sometimes I come across a pair of fashionistas that are eager to get themselves into a shot to hopefully one day be acknowledged for their chic taste in seasonal wardrobe.


The Lineup
So first you have the lineup between each succession of lights. This is were I begin my offensive planning and the other team begins their defensive posturing. I plot my victims and they plot their evasive actions, strategic placement behind others to block my view, and funny faces to be made.


Heightened Senses
My coach usually pulls up on his bike beside me and gives me some helpful advice, like pretending to take a picture of the street light above me, then quickly moving in for the capture kill when they least expect it. Thanks coach!


The Weave
Some of them are tricky and can generally work strategic placement to their advantage. This is when you have to bump up the ISO, open up that aperture, and “snipe the gaps” as coach likes to call it.


Here is a perfect implementation of the photographer distracted by the street ligh.. not! technique. She never had a chance, caught out in the open.


Wind Through Her Hair
Yes, I see you back there running with ear muffs.. You have bested me with strategic placement behind random stranger, but random stranger has wind blowing through long flowing hair. I win this time!

Tokyo Runner?

This shot kind of reminds me of Blade Runner. I guess I am supposed to like Blade Runner, I have watched it multiple times and I just cannot get into it no matter which cut I watch, and this shot is exactly the same.. I have worked on it multiple times in the past and just cannot really get into it. This is my last attempt and I really am not sure about the selective coloring, but I put too much time into the shot and I might as well post it!

Tokyo Runner

This also marks my last post from Georgia. As soon as I post this shot I am dismantling my computer and loading it up for tomorrows journey to Nebraska. This is the 2nd holiday season in a row that I will be spending away from my better half and hopefully the last!

Additional Asakusa

I usually process a group of photos from a particular day I went shooting, then pick my favorites and post them. These 2 shots taken from Asakusa kind of appeal to me enough to keep from putting them into my un-posted archive. There is something about the way that the Nikon 70-200 renders bokeh that I just love. Most of the 80-200 variants render bokeh in the same pleasing way. Pretty much the biggest reason why I have no desire to pick up an 85 f1.4D as I don’t need the extra speed and that is a lot of money for a slightly smoother bokeh look. Interestingly, the new 85 f1.4G lens produces busy bokeh that reminds me of my 50 f1.8, which I don’t really like that much. I have had thought about the Rokinon 85 f1.4 since it is about $250 and has a really unique look it produces, but more appealing to me would be using a lens reverser and some extension tubes for a killer macro lens.



Mr. Peepers Goes to Shibuya

I know some people like to give their lenses people names. I think I might name my 70-200 Mr. Peepers. I love throwing it on and just camping out at different crowded spots in Tokyo and seeing the reactions I get when looking through the lens. It is kind of big, so it stands out and some people immediately dislike it, a lot of them seem to like it, and some don’t really know what to think. Here Mr. Peepers and I were camped out at Shibuya Crossing. My friend was with me who has the same camera and the newest version of my lens, so we stood out pretty well.





Ōsanbashi Pier

Yesterday was a really nice day in Tokyo and Yokohama, shorts weather even. We decided to head to Yokohama for one last time before we leave in a couple of months. I had yet to visit the Ōsanbashi Pier and I did not have a tripod on me for night shots the last time I went. I also finally received a desktop monitor that morning, so finally here I am editing some shots. We are heading to Hokkaido for the majority of next week departing tomorrow, so I gotta post and pack. Excited to get back into the swing of photography when I get back and also hopefully getting some decent shots on the slopes and in Sapporo.

Their pier itself is a geometric orgasm of elegantly placed and angled two-by-four planks; basically the largest, most stylish deck probably on Earth. You could spend a year shooting it everyday and you could probably find a better angle, a better shot each time. Still, I ended up spending most of my time sniping all the interesting people that were out and about.

High Key Ponders

Ruling the Thirds

Your Tie is Showing

The Escapists


City Life

I am going to quick post up some Istanbul shots that I just processed, mostly straight out of Lightroom with minor adjustments to convert from RAW to JPEG. It is 12am right now and I am a bit tired and these shots mostly explain themselves so I won’t go into great detail about them. Tomorrow will be a good day for me because the movers are finally delivering my household goods that I haven’t seen since I left Japan. That means I can finally work on a proper computer and monitor for my shots.. or play games if I am misbehaving..

Chestnut Tweezer~
Chestnut Tweezer


Dirty Harry~
Dirty Harry


Suspendered in Time~

The last one is one of my favorites because old couples out and about enjoying life and traveling together are alright in my book. I hope to be lucky enough to do that with my lovely wife one day!