This week I processed my shots like a machine. Just going through a set at a time. Well a walk through ODaiba always yields a huge collection of shots, so there is not a lot of variety going on around here at the moment. It is about a 5 minute walk to each one of these spots from that psychotic-light-show-escalator-tunnel deal in my last post.

This one might be a bit funky for some as it is the Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge as seen though a bunch of windows. Deal with it!

A perv-spy shot of a happy couple on a dock. Luckily she was more interested in him rather than some jackass perv-spy gaijin. I seem to usually take a series of 2-3 shots like this and one of them always ends with a person glaring at me once they realized I stole their sole through my camera sensor. Not this time!

And some oh so exciting railing with completely original camera tilt thrown in. I am also post dating this post as I write this on Saturday and tomorrow I am leaving on vacation to Montana for awhile. Hopefully I bring back some shots from there to vary up this blog a little bit.


The Light Show

Wow, over a year since my last post. My original excuse last year was that I was too busy with training at my job to take or process shots. Then during the last 2 months I have barely worked any hours at all and had more free time than I have ever had. Still didn’t take or process shots. Oh well, here we go again..

So here we are on Odaiba Island just outside of Tokyo. When you see this unique building with a giant sphere overhead, you’ve come to the right place for a light show once the sun has set. In fact, I see this spot on TV quite a bit, most recently the Black Eyed Peas used it as a backdrop for their “Just Can’t Get Enough” music video.

Just below the bay side of the building there is a wicked escalator that puts on a rather interesting, yet oddly psychotic light show.

I had shot this little area quite a bit while I was in Japan, but it was kind of challenging to get any usable shots as the lights change so often that it seems to wash out the highlights if you capture more than one color on the same neon tube. I had to bump up the ISO so my exposures were not too long and just hope my timing was synced to the color changes. I’m sure others have been able to provide much better examples!

Orange in Odaiba

I finally bought an Arca-Swiss plate for my 70-200 tripod foot so I can start getting some landscape and architectural shots with this most excellent lens. I have really liked the results, although, if it gets very windy, I find that my carbon fiber tripod is a little bit too much on the travel size to be able to handle long exposure shots with the 70-200 mounted up there without getting a little blur. It was a bit windy this evening, so I had to hang my entire bag on the tripod to ensure all exposures would come out sharp.


Odd Odaiba

Odaiba is one of the best vantage points for a cracking Tokyo sunset scene with the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower as a backdrop, all interspersed with architectural shots of the futuristic urban environment unlike pretty much any other city I have ever seen, but here are a couple of random shots of the less obvious shots, which will of course come later on this blog.



Warmer Days

I have not been out shooting since I last visited Odaiba about 2 weeks ago due to the constant rain, cold, and snow we have had for nearly as many days. This weekend we are headed to Mt. Takao for their annual fire walking festival. I am hoping for decent weather, but then again, maybe the entire point of the fire walking festival is to sacrifice the soles of human feet to the sun God in hopes of better weather.

Here is to warmer weather, or at least maybe if it snows, it will start sticking to the ground instead of melting right away!

Global Warm Photo Filtering

Rainbow Bridge

This shot was take from an amazing spherical observatory within the Fuji TV building in Odaiba. We were in a hurry to get up there before the sunset was over, thus I neglected to get any worthwhile pictures of the outside, although, I will definitely be heading back to photograph that architectural monster.

Inside the sphere they were cranking their lights up for a TV show that was about to be filmed making the windows a reflection hell. I shot a ton of shots trying to get the bridge without picking up the reflections. This one still had them, they were just easier to remove than my other shots. In hindsight, I probably should have tried using my CPL to help remove the reflections.

Rainbow Bridge

Global Chillin

The wifey and I went into Odaiba on the weekend which is a man made island connected to Tokyo by under water roadway, the amazing Rainbow Bridge, and an unmanned train amongst other ways in. There is so much photographic potential to easily warrant a couple of visits in an attempt to capture even a fraction of the potential this island has. I think this huge amount of potential affected my brain and it became overloaded just thinking about all the neat things around me. I ended up becoming too relaxed with my camera and made a few big mistakes.

Global Chillin

First, inside the Miraikan Museum of Science and Innovation, they had this amazing LCD globe of the world with massive windows which made for an amazing scene that required more dynamic range than my DSLR could capture in 1 shot. I planned to bracket my shots as I usually do for architectural scenes and ended up taking a large series of shots without the bracketing turned on! Now I have a bunch of series of 6 and 9 shots all with the exact same exposure which happened to be set for the inside only.


Then once it was dark, I turned my ISO up a bit to do some hand held shots. I then inadvertently left the ISO up the rest of the night which turns the D80 into a hot pixel factory on long exposures and seemed to rob me of a lot of color with the shorter exposure times. Needless to say, I will need to go back and try again. Maybe I am feeling the effects of photography intoxication, but hopefully this 2nd lesson keeps me more aware of what I am doing in the future.