-Go to the last shot in my blog/photostream.
-Take about 20 steps backwards.
-Turn 90 degrees to the right.




Here is another shot from Amber taken at the rice terraces of Ping’an. When her back is turned or she is distracted, I have been secretly putting ISO into her meals that I prepare for her, and this plan is starting to work out better than I had planned. I might cut back on her ISO soon since she has requested I order her a Gorilla Pod for her D40. I actually had to wipe a tear from my eye to hear she would like one, although, I may have talked her into it a bit. Nevertheless, my plan is still working and I couldn’t be happier! Topography


Zombie? This picture isn’t a zombie, I am a zombie. I have a bunch of pictures I have been meaning to process from the beginning of the Japanese flower viewing season (hanami), but I have been operating on a temporary graveyard schedule with my wife this week which has proven difficult to get used to. Since my waking hours are spent in a drooling stupor– completely devoid of any and all motivation in life– I will have to post a photo devoid of any cherry blossoms or nature.

This is looking up at the Sanno Park Tower which is the same building I took the photo in “The Process” blog posting from about a week ago. This photo is frustrating because it looks like crap in my Flickr stream when it is a smaller size which seems to be the complete opposite of how most photos look in a smaller size. That and this photo has a bit of a “murky” cast that I was not able to shake.



Well it is true, I have been doing lines again.

Shinjuku Government Building

I still remember the first time I did lines was when I was at a castle in Turkey about 3 years ago. My equipment was very amateur and I had no idea what I was doing. Eventually it takes over you, but I am still in control.

Tokyo Intl Forum

Now a lot of our money goes to my habit, but I can stop whenever I want. I swear.

Cocoon Building