In Spite of Ferris

Visited the Yokohama landmark tower for a second time with the intentions of capturing some shots of the ferris wheel spinning; I like the light painting effect it gives for long exposures. The last time I was up there, it was spinning, but I was sans tripod. This time I had the tripod, but the ferris wheel was not spinning. I don’t think it was open yet since it was stationary the entire night, I guess I should just be happy they turn the lights on! The third time might be the charm..

In Spite of Ferris


Landmark Tower

Since the pictures in my last post were taken from the top of the Landmark Tower– The 69th floor– I figured I would post a picture taken from the base of the tower. The ferocity of the wind and the darkening sky pretty well required me to use my 50mm 1.8 prime lens to be able to stop up enough to increase the shutter speed adequately to eliminate blur. So the shot is a lot tighter than I would have otherwise framed, but it is kind of growing on me.

Landmark Tower

Merry Christmas!

For some reason we have put off buying a fake tree over the couple of years we have been married. Since we move every couple of years I guess we figured we would try and stay as light as possible. I think we will fix this by next Christmas though. It is getting too difficult getting through the holidays without the bokeh opportunity of a tree, ornaments, and Christmas lights.

Landmark Tower

Instead I have to post some Christmas bokeh taken from a display at the top of the Landmark Tower in Yokohama which we visited the other day. It happens to be the tallest building in Japan at 295.8 meters. I need to go back with a tripod to catch some neat HDR images of the Yokohama city scape.