They See Me Rollin

I don’t know what this guy was making, but he was pretty determined to roll this piece of plastic around on a rock as if he was trying to flatten it out and make something with it. As intelligent as this species is, you never know what in the world they could be up to!

They See Me Rollin



Monkey Madness

Why I did not lie down in the monkey scat speckled ground to capture an eye level view of a baby monkey wrestling match is beyond me, but this will have to do. I was thinking about making something I could print out and hang on the wall and wanted to try my hand at a tryptych variation, the quadtych. The only problem is that the wifey and I are both obsessed with these monkeys and will probably end up with an overabundance of monkey pictures on our wall once we get moved into our next place.

Monkey Madness


Street Monkeys

I usually do not mess around with using filters in my post processing, it seems to take a long time for me to get them right. I attempted it in this shot since the sky was ugly as can be reflecting all of the city light in the frozen moisture particles. I think it is an improvement, but it is hard to make the look subtle. I am also thinking about purchasing a Cokin Z-Filter system in the future and switching the 14-24 for the new 24/1.4, mostly so I can use filters in my landscape shots. I’ll test it out on the 70-200 before making the switch; I have never used filters before and 14mm is a lot to lose!


And last, but not least.. I leave you with more snow monkeys. I just cannot get enough these little guys!

Monkey Pow-wow

Yudanaka Ryokan

We have been living in Japan for almost 2 years and finally we decided to stay in a Japanese ryokan for the first time since we have been here. It was actually located up at the monkey park we had visited a few weeks ago up at Jigokudani Yaen-Koen. Yudanaka ryokan had an extremely friendly staff and some pretty good meals that came with the room. During the day time there were monkeys sunning themselves on the roof right outside our window.

Yudanaka Ryokan

The outdoor, shared monkey/human onsen left red high mark rings on your skin because the water was scalding hot, but it sure did melt away my stress along with some of the top layer of my skin! I actually really like sleeping on a small pad directly on top of the tatami mats, but I was awaken about 10 times in the middle of the night because the monkeys seemed to be jumping around on the rooftop outside our window. Hey, I am not complaining!

Yudanaka Ryokan Room

And here is a shot Amber took of our dinner that was prepared for us right before we made a mess. You know, I just cannot seem to pick up the fine art of those extra large sized chopsticks for some reason. Anyways, the ryokan is a little old, yet it was quite charming. The friendly staff and the monkey neighbors definitely make this a place I can recommend checking out if you are visiting the park.

Yudanaka Ryokan Dinner