The Light Show

Wow, over a year since my last post. My original excuse last year was that I was too busy with training at my job to take or process shots. Then during the last 2 months I have barely worked any hours at all and had more free time than I have ever had. Still didn’t take or process shots. Oh well, here we go again..

So here we are on Odaiba Island just outside of Tokyo. When you see this unique building with a giant sphere overhead, you’ve come to the right place for a light show once the sun has set. In fact, I see this spot on TV quite a bit, most recently the Black Eyed Peas used it as a backdrop for their “Just Can’t Get Enough” music video.

Just below the bay side of the building there is a wicked escalator that puts on a rather interesting, yet oddly psychotic light show.

I had shot this little area quite a bit while I was in Japan, but it was kind of challenging to get any usable shots as the lights change so often that it seems to wash out the highlights if you capture more than one color on the same neon tube. I had to bump up the ISO so my exposures were not too long and just hope my timing was synced to the color changes. I’m sure others have been able to provide much better examples!


5 Stories of Pagoda

Well I am in Germany now training for my new job and awaiting a work visa for Turkey. I may be here anywhere from 3 weeks up to 4 months. I thought I would quick post up a photo I took of the 5 Story Pagoda at Miyajima. This island was such a cool little spot. The shrine, the temple, the pagoda… All super photogenic. This photo is kind of out there, but I couldn’t really reign in the sky with my current Photoshop skill set.
5 Stories of Pagoda

So an Elk Walks Into a Bar

When you visit Hiroshima, Myajima Island is a must see. I’ll be posting pictures of the shrine later on in life when I try and catch up on my photos, but for now, you get this deer we found on the island. They were all over the areas that the tourists frequent and I was kind of surprised to see everyone just running around and petting them. The deer didn’t care at all, and quite honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see some of the kids riding the bucks around.

We were off on an out of the way area sitting down and talking about how nice it would be to live on a beach when this character sneak attacked us ninja style and tried to steal wifey’s travel brochure for the area. No one messes with her travel brochures, I am not even allowed to throw them out at the end of the trip. Well this deer lost his battle with my wife, but he did make off with the corner of a couple of pages. You can see by the look in his eyes, that brochure was damn good!

Har Har