Street Monkeys

I usually do not mess around with using filters in my post processing, it seems to take a long time for me to get them right. I attempted it in this shot since the sky was ugly as can be reflecting all of the city light in the frozen moisture particles. I think it is an improvement, but it is hard to make the look subtle. I am also thinking about purchasing a Cokin Z-Filter system in the future and switching the 14-24 for the new 24/1.4, mostly so I can use filters in my landscape shots. I’ll test it out on the 70-200 before making the switch; I have never used filters before and 14mm is a lot to lose!


And last, but not least.. I leave you with more snow monkeys. I just cannot get enough these little guys!

Monkey Pow-wow


Off the Charts

I think next month when we head back up to the monkey park I am mostly going to follow the little baby monkeys around. How could you not when they are absolutely destroying the cute meter on my camera like in the shot below??? I think the one on the left might possibly fit in a coat pocket. I would just have to keep the tub at home filled up with warm water and keep some snowballs for him to play with nearby.

Breaking the Cute Meter

This guy was my little rock star. He kept holding his hand up like he was throwing high fives out to everyone. I think I might have to custom tailor a bigger pocket for him, but there is always room in my bathtub for a rock star monkey.

Invisible Fishing Pole