Bradley Lake

Our first stop on our road trip from Idaho to Georgia was Teton National Park. We quick pitched our tent to secure a camping spot then took off down the road for a hike to Bradley Lake. We didn’t know it at the time, but this blue sky during the hike was the last we would see until we were almost in Georgia. The rain began a couple of minutes before we reached the car and then it turned into what felt like a full on monsoon. Breaking the tent down in the morning was fun using the break-down-the-tent-while-still-inside-of-it-leaving-the-rain-fly-for-last technique. This place is definitely needing further attention from me in the future.

Eight Shot Pano. Full size can be found HERE in all of its glory.

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Falling up to Okutama

We are crossing our fingers that the weather will be nice this weekend so we can get some good pictures around the Okutama Lake area. We didn’t make it last fall, but it seems like a perfect area to capture the fall colors.

So far it has been an awesome week with Obama being elected. Hopefully our good fortunes will continue with blue skies at Okutama!

Okutama Toothpick Factory-
Toothpick Factory