Okay, this feels good. I haven’t touched any of my photos for a very long time. I completely forgot how fun it was to go through and process each shot and go back into time when each shot was taken. I need to do at least one or two each day, there isn’t really any excuse. Tonight I kind of went all out compared to what I usually process, although, I felt kind of rusty in achieving what I wanted and just did everything really quick.

Happy Camel

Last weekend I joined a group of local photo enthusiasts on a Cappadocia tour trip specifically geared towards photography. I kind of had my doubts since I have taken a tour once before and thought it was absolute crap, plus I have been to Cappadocia many times and kind of prefer to do things on my own. This tour surprised me though. We saw everything. It was relentlessly good!

This is Cappadocia

Cappadocia kind of reminds me of back home around the the Southern Utah area. Southern Utah has some of the most unique scenery that you can possibly fathom, so that is a good thing. The biggest difference is that there is deep history associated with this area. The convoluted sandstone scenery is full of ancient dwellings carved out by hand and can be found everywhere in this region. I have quite a few shots of these dwellings, but why not just show you a modern, hand-carved representation taken by my new friend The Bokeh Maker?

The Carver

Did I mention that my friend The Bokeh Maker is sharp as a sword even when wide open?


There are 2 fortresses that you can climb in the area. They are massive sandstone formations jutting up out of the ground like mother natures skyscraper. Thousands of years ago people decided to carve out room and pathways within the skyscraper up to the very top. Here are 2 HDRs taken from the largest one during an amazing sunset.



Here are some cool cats I found at the top of another “fortress”. They thought it would be helpful to hold my tripod legs to steady it while I was taking shots, thus transferring every movement of their body into my shots. It was fun explaining to them how this plan was not going to work… I did let each one take turns with my camera. They thought that was çok mükemmel!


If you are into pottery, or patterns of pottery to feed your camera.. I recommend a visit to Cappadocia.


And lastly, I promised a shot of me for my sweet, sweet wife. Turkey sucks honey! I cannot stand it here.. Don’t be jealous that you cannot be here yet. It was hot in Cappadocia and I got some dust on my sensor!!!




For a little over the past 2 weeks I have been in China with the Wifey. In short… China.. Is.. Badass.. Way more badass than we could have imagined. I could easily live there for a couple of years, and even then, there would not be enough time to properly explore such a vast, amazing country.

I promise to write a chronological travel page for each area we visited, but together we amassed thousands of photos, so this could take some time. I will also be in the process of moving in the coming weeks, so it will definitely be a while until I have processed even a quarter of my own photos, let alone my wife’s! My Malaysia travel page is easily the most popular page on this blog, so hopefully a China version would be helpful to anyone thinking of going.

Turkish Flag at Bodrum Castle

What the hell? You moron! That is a Turkish flag.

Yeah I know. I had to put a Turkish flag up since I signed on to work in Turkey for an indefinite amount of time while I was away in China. This opportunity was completely unexpected given the current economic climate, but exactly where me and the wifey wanted to end up. She will be some months behind me in arriving there, but we are both extremely excited to be going back to such a great location. Hopefully I will be able to capture some photos for this blog that will do the country justice. I am not sure how long it will take to obtain the proper working permit, but I already have visions of ekmek and kalesi grandeur in my head.