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Red, Yellow, Blue

This was taken the day after the gyoki festival ended at Zōjō-ji Temple. We didn’t stick around for the entire ceremony after being attacked by some ruthless Japanese women with cameras that were half our size!



I usually would have deleted a shot as soft as this, but something about this shot tells me not to do that. It kind of looks like sparks, but this is actually light reflecting off of water as he cleans his machete/knife looking instrument with his sponge. I have a lot of other Tsukuji shots to post since it is such an amazing place to visit. Highly recommended if you are ever in Tokyo.


More Zōjō-ji

Some more from Zōjō-ji before we head back out for a couple more days of shooting.

Candles and Cups

Half & Half


Probably my last picture I will be posting for a few days. About to have my last grand hurrah in Tokyo with a friend and our camera gear. I really want to eventually move to Germany in the future, but I will be missing all of the sites to be seen in Tokyo and how easy it is to get around anywhere in the city. It is a photographers dream.



My favorite big city we visited while in China.. Xi’an!

Splash Waterfalls