This week I processed my shots like a machine. Just going through a set at a time. Well a walk through ODaiba always yields a huge collection of shots, so there is not a lot of variety going on around here at the moment. It is about a 5 minute walk to each one of these spots from that psychotic-light-show-escalator-tunnel deal in my last post.

This one might be a bit funky for some as it is the Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge as seen though a bunch of windows. Deal with it!

A perv-spy shot of a happy couple on a dock. Luckily she was more interested in him rather than some jackass perv-spy gaijin. I seem to usually take a series of 2-3 shots like this and one of them always ends with a person glaring at me once they realized I stole their sole through my camera sensor. Not this time!

And some oh so exciting railing with completely original camera tilt thrown in. I am also post dating this post as I write this on Saturday and tomorrow I am leaving on vacation to Montana for awhile. Hopefully I bring back some shots from there to vary up this blog a little bit.


The Eye

On Thursday I had LASIK done on both of my eyes. My contact lenses were -7.00 for the left eye and -7.50 for the right, also known as way past legally blind. Eighteen hours later I was in for my post op and was reading half the letters from the 20/15 line, so things are going quite well. Still, I don’t quite feel like focusing on any pictures for very long, so I am posting up a picture of our kitten Mittens peering around her scratch post since my Mom thinks I do not post enough pictures of our two cats. I have a pile of shots that are either half completed or done and I just don’t quite know how I feel about posting them. I didn’t want to start posting too many cat pictures since there are already enough LOL cats that can has cheez burger on the web!


The Last Walk

Here are a couple of snaps from the last photo walk in Tokyo that the wife and I took a day or two before leaving. I definitely miss the gold mine of photo opportunities in Japan. It would be nice to go back to live again, but this time further north to see something new and beat the crowds a little bit.

These shots are taken in the upscale Roppongi Tower area. I am sure that the meal at this restaurant were not cheap!


A Security Guard Called Wanda

Mr. Peepers Goes to Shibuya

I know some people like to give their lenses people names. I think I might name my 70-200 Mr. Peepers. I love throwing it on and just camping out at different crowded spots in Tokyo and seeing the reactions I get when looking through the lens. It is kind of big, so it stands out and some people immediately dislike it, a lot of them seem to like it, and some don’t really know what to think. Here Mr. Peepers and I were camped out at Shibuya Crossing. My friend was with me who has the same camera and the newest version of my lens, so we stood out pretty well.





Odd Compositions

These two shots kind of break the rules of composition, but they kind of jumped out at me in a pleasing way. They were both taken at the Zōjō-ji Temple during a cool Gyoki Festival that was going on this week. JRaptor from Flickr was nice enough to give me a heads up so I could get some nice shots. The actual temple is definitely worthy of a visit at any time of the day or year as well. Lots of great things to see in that entire area and great views of the Tokyo Tower as well.


Zōjō-ji Umbrella

Heat Bokeh

A sad photographers story.. The wife and I headed out to the Takao Fire Walking Festival super early so we could get a front row view and hopefully some killer shots. We arrived 3 hours before the start and stood at our front row spot with patience.

Once the festival kicked off, the participants decided to line up right in front of us! It cut off me and my wife and about 6 other Japanese photographers from being able to get many shots. This is one of the few were I was lucky not to get a head or a should in the side of my shot.

Heat Bokeh


Got away from the lair full of evil homework for a little while on Sunday. Turned out to be very rainy and foggy at the castle we had visited. Wasn’t very conducive for taking good landscape or architectural shots, so I put on 32mm of Kenko macro tubes and took a couple of shots.. I was mostly just happy to get out of the house and away from schoolwork for a while!


Macro Attempts

Messing around with my Kenko extension tubes I bought last month. This is the 20mm and 12mm tubes stacked onto my 50/1.8. I have played with these once before in Thailand and realized quickly that you really need to have an external or ring flash. So I setup a cheap tripod with my SB-600 firing down almost straight down on top of the Baklava.


Another macro shot, this time of the rear sprocket of my very neglected mtn. bike. Again, 32mm tubes and the 50/1.8 were used with the off camera flash firing directly above. Gotta love the Manfrotto tripod with articulating arm to get into your subject and still remain steady. Now I just need to go find one of those gigantor centipedes that were setting up shop inside my house over the summer; would be an interesting subject.



Another one from Ayutthaya. I took multiple shots of this scene with different statues in focus. This happened to be the first one I opened and I just started to work on it. I looked at the other version a day after posting this, really, I like the focus point to be on the statue second from the left side. I think that framing your subject with bokeh on both sides is usually a bit more pleasing than starting your DoF at the beginning of your foreground. That is my theory at least.


Psychedelic Mosaic

I think I need to purchase about 200 of these psychedelic glass-mosaic cups and strategically arrange them out of the depth of field of any photo I take to make for some interesting bokeh arrangements.. What else could I possibly do with 200 cups when not using them for photography purposes? I only have so much change after the hobby of photography robbed me of everything that I am worth!

Psychedelic Mosaic

Humdrum Oranges

Not much to say about this shot taken on the streets of Istanbul other than I softened it up by reducing the clarity in Lightroom. The light cast against the oranges just wasn’t as pleasing when the focus was razor sharp. Not much else to report, but I will say though, I was coming down with a cold this week and I ate a lot of oranges and tried to overdoes on vitamin C supplements. The worst I got was a runny nose and stuffy head. Went away in about 4 days. What can I say, I love oranges.

Humdrum Oranges


Even if I vehemently abhorred Istanbul, which I do not, I have to go back. I am on a mission to get the perfect shot of these glass mosaic lamps. During my first visit years ago, I failed with my point and shoot; I thought this time would be different armed with more knowledge and better gear, yet I still failed to get the shot I had envisioned. This is my best attempt, but I learned that a large depth of field is absolutely key to the result that I am after. I went in with f2.8 and found the bokeh way too distracting for me. There is just too much going on to tease the eye with such a large amount of blur.

Mosaics of Light

One evening we went searching for the Spice Bazaar and thought we found it. I was confused if this was actually a dog and cat food spice bazaar because there was bin after bin of food for furry critters. We later found out that the bazaar was next door and may have been closed on Sundays, but I still felt silly. Special Kedi Maması means= Special Kitty Food. Köpek= Dog. Yummy!

Special Kedi Maması

When we did find the Spice Bazaar, I went all out in my Turkish Delight sampling as I tried to find the best flavors to use as a gift.. The best advice in a situation concerning Turkish Delight is to start slow and build up an iron gut that can support the sheer weight of the concoction as every piece feels like it weighs about 1 pound once it has reached your stomach. Honey is one of the main ingredients for Turkish Delight, so I present you a picture of a jar of honey found in a store overflowing with Turkish Delight.

Honey Ladle

City Life

I am going to quick post up some Istanbul shots that I just processed, mostly straight out of Lightroom with minor adjustments to convert from RAW to JPEG. It is 12am right now and I am a bit tired and these shots mostly explain themselves so I won’t go into great detail about them. Tomorrow will be a good day for me because the movers are finally delivering my household goods that I haven’t seen since I left Japan. That means I can finally work on a proper computer and monitor for my shots.. or play games if I am misbehaving..

Chestnut Tweezer~
Chestnut Tweezer


Dirty Harry~
Dirty Harry


Suspendered in Time~

The last one is one of my favorites because old couples out and about enjoying life and traveling together are alright in my book. I hope to be lucky enough to do that with my lovely wife one day!