Here is another shot from Amber taken at the rice terraces of Ping’an. When her back is turned or she is distracted, I have been secretly putting ISO into her meals that I prepare for her, and this plan is starting to work out better than I had planned. I might cut back on her ISO soon since she has requested I order her a Gorilla Pod for her D40. I actually had to wipe a tear from my eye to hear she would like one, although, I may have talked her into it a bit. Nevertheless, my plan is still working and I couldn’t be happier! Topography


Fostering Wifey’s Addiction

When I upgraded my camera body I ended up having an extra D40 laying around. I kept trying to get Amber into photography because I figured you could force addictions on people as if this was heroin and you knew that if they had just a slight taste, they would be helplessly overtaken by it. I told her to give the D40 a try during our monkey outing before I sold it.

I set the D40 to shoot jpeg and affixed a lens between her and the monkeys. Well, the snow monkeys proved to be the figurative narcotic I was looking for. She forced me to buy a wide angle lens (against my will) and book a longer trip to Jigokudani Yeankoen for another photo session. She even learned how to use Lightroom! Overall she captured a ton of great shots, especially considering I hogged the telephoto lens most of the time. I promised to share on our next trip…

Here are some of her shots:

Amber's Snow Monkeys

Amber's Snow Monkeys-94

Amber's Snow Monkeys-33

Golden Splinters

I think I burned sunspots into my eye as the sun pierced my ocular cavity as I peered into the viewfinder trying to quickly compose this shot before the sun disappeared behind the horizon. Without corrective lenses or contacts, I am legally blind. So either I shouldn’t worry about sunspots or maybe I should be more careful..

Sayama Storm

Lake Sayama

Boy was it cold today when me and Amber finally went out to get some pictures around Lake Sayama! So far I am very happy with the D80. I am still in the middle of my devious plan trying to get Amber into photography with the D40. Remember to put your DSLR on matrix metering before having someone not familiar with the minute details of photography take it out to have spot metering clip all the channels!

Lake Sayama


Materialism is supposed to be this evil thing right? Well I guess I have mixed feelings on that because I have so much excitement at the thought of a little piece of material arriving in my mail box, that I have actually lost a little bit of sleep over the past few days. I expected my material to be here by Monday, yet it still eludes me. I feel like my mind is over-cooked with anticipation that mounts with each subsequent day that it does not arrive. Is this rational behavior? My expectant material I eagerly await is after all a D80. Is that not a good exception to the evils of materialism?



I am not really sure what kind of story I can write about with this photo. We were up at Itsukashi a little over a month ago and found this amazing leaf and it was swirling around in the sky in a harmonious dance with the wind. We both watched it until we started to cry because there is just too much beauty in the world; we just had to take a picture of it.. Well that story doesn’t quite work now does it?


My Buddy aka DSLR

Well 2008 is all but over. Looking back, this was the first year I had a DSLR to play with and I was RicRolled on every other Internet page I came across. What a magical year…

As far as my photos go, I think the following one is my favorite from 2008. I have posted it once already on this blog. It was taken with my 50mm f1.8 and it was a spur of the moment shot as I was walking with Amber and some friends down a street in Tachikawa.

Tachikawa Bicycle Park

Since I can’t just do a re-post and call it a day, here is another photo I really like from this year, especially against a black background, unlike this blogs white background; and no, I don’t like it just cause of the boobies.. Again it was taken at the spur of the moment without much forethought. Maybe my subconscious is a better photographer than I am..

Hachioji Train Station

And lastly, if you have seen my little lost Hixiepoo, you need to tell him to start posting pictures.

Happy New Years everyone!

This Guy

I can only speculate why he is so happy… We were in China Town of Yokohama when I took this. I like to think he is happy because he knows that I will be headed to China for a couple of weeks in about 4 months from now. At least that is why I smile a lot!


Hikawa Maru

While in Yokohama we came across the Hikawa Maru which is a ship that is permanently moored in the harbor serving as a maritime museum. It was built in 1929, so it is a very interesting and photogenic ship.

Hikawa Maru

It has an interesting history as it has served as both a passenger ship and a hospital ship. It was actually the only mainstream Imperial Japanese passenger liner to make it through World War II. During that time it also hit mines on 3 separate occasions. Luckily for the Hikawa Maru and its’ crew, the steel hull was thick enough to insure the lifeboats would stay high and dry for me to photograph in another century.

Hikawa Maru Baby Boat

From the Outside Looking In

I am not sure what areas of the galaxy do not celebrate Christmas, but so far, out of the United States, I have lived in Turkey and Japan during the holidays; both places have plenty of Christmas spirit during the holidays. Who doesn’t want presents and an excuse to paint buildings and trees with strings of light?

Outside Looking In

Bridge to Somewhere

We went up to the Itsukashi area today to check out a waterfall. We came across this really neat looking bridge that led to a really neat looking restaurant. We ran into a really friendly Japanese guy that had a long conversation with us in Japanese… I think he was telling us how badass the restaurant up ahead is.


The bridge was shaking a lot from the pedestrian traffic walking across it and probably a little from the wind. I was happy that the photo came out at all, albeit a bit blurry.


That really was a Hattori Hanzo sword

This is the restaurant that Quentin Tarantino modeled the O-Ren Ishii fight scene after. It was kind of expensive by our standards, but it has a pretty awesome atmosphere and some really good food.

I have never liked eating anything that swims; I can tell if a cow has ever swam across a stream and I will then refuse to eat it, and I especially do not like shrimp. It turned out the shrimp we had at Gonpachi was not only good, it is one of my favorite meals I have ever had.



Oh yes, yet another photo of the Tokyo Tower masquerading in blue drag. I am barely half done going through my photos. Unfortunately, I have come across completely lackluster sky tones in a lot of my pictures that are usually out of my technical grasp of Photoshop doctoring expertise.

Blue Tokyo Tower 25

Pinwheel Army

While taking pictures around the Zozoji Temple Grounds, we spied this gathering of statues replete with pinwheels and beanie caps. I would have missed this shot if my wifey hadn’t pointed it out to me. I must get her addicted to photography. The only children we need are more camera bodies and lenses!

Bro Statues 2