Shinjuku Cluster

Oh my god! Who ever gets tired of shots from Japan? Not me, not you, not anyone! I guess I will call these series of shots I post that are geographically minutes away from each other a “cluster”. I bring you a Shinjuku cluster. Post dated of course.

I’m like a monkey drawn to the lights I guess, but I mean, look at everything going on in this scene! It just makes me want to walk into all of these stores and buy stuff even though I don’t know what any of it is!

Every one of these shots from my last three posts were taken with a photo buddy who visited just before we packed up and left. He makes a ninja appearance in this shot.


2 thoughts on “Shinjuku Cluster

  1. I’m a bit embarrassed to ask (granted, it’s like asking where the nearest skyscraper is in Shanghai), but where exactly was the 2nd neon shot taken? Kabukicho, Sakuradori, got it, but…have a google map link?
    Also, if you’d like to see a nifty (and since it’s in Japan, a bit odd) sculpture, check out the entrance to the Okubo Hospital (the side furthest from Yasukuni dori).

  2. Well it has been about 2 years since I left Japan, so I am pretty rusty on the locations of everything. All of these shots were in the same sequence in Lightroom, so I would think they would have to be right there at the escalators as far as I know. I am almost certain that it is the landing between the upper and lower escalators. Enjoy Japan!

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