Tokyo Runner?

This shot kind of reminds me of Blade Runner. I guess I am supposed to like Blade Runner, I have watched it multiple times and I just cannot get into it no matter which cut I watch, and this shot is exactly the same.. I have worked on it multiple times in the past and just cannot really get into it. This is my last attempt and I really am not sure about the selective coloring, but I put too much time into the shot and I might as well post it!

Tokyo Runner

This also marks my last post from Georgia. As soon as I post this shot I am dismantling my computer and loading it up for tomorrows journey to Nebraska. This is the 2nd holiday season in a row that I will be spending away from my better half and hopefully the last!


5 thoughts on “Tokyo Runner?

  1. I like it very much and think the selective colour works well. The mix of black and white with splashes of colour very much makes me think of Blade Runner – a film which I do like but also find a bit intense (it’s not the first movie I’ll be running to on a wet Sunday afternoon)!

  2. Thank you Sarah and Jayne! Sorry I am late in replying as you just caught my posts right as I left to move across the country and have been without Internet for way, way too long.

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