West Shibuya Side Story

Sundays spent around the Yoyogi Park entrance adjacent to Harajuku Station should be a treasure trove of seriously unique individuals for any photographer to find. The area is usually known for the cosplayers that hang out for the crowds to see, but I found that a lot of the cosplayers would bring along a photographer friend that was always a gigantic sleazy asshole to any other photographers in the area who would dare take pictures of a cosplayer in a public place. They would get in your face even if you were taking pictures from really far off.  It is best to just move along a few hundred yards to the park entrance and catch the greasers and their awkward dancing! They had no problem with photographers as long as they do not light a match anywhere near their hair..

Awkward Energy

Like a Boss

How's My Dancing

Turn Head & Cough


9 thoughts on “West Shibuya Side Story

  1. That’s a great series. You have captured the experience so well that I feel like I was there with you.

    Have shared on my Facebook page as one of my two fave blog posts for the day.

  2. Thank you all! Calvin, I have the VR 1 version. I am pretty happy with my copy since the edges are pretty sharp on it. Sometimes you just have to fix some vignetting, but I have yet to run into any limitations resulting from that.

  3. Great series of shots. The 70-200 handled them very nicely. I had the VRI but was never too happy with it. Looks like your copy is far better than what I had. For anything requiring 2.8 or above I prefer the 70-200 over even the new 85G.

  4. Thanks!

    Ryan, yes, I just love my 70-200 copy just about as much as my 14-24. I wish that I could somehow attach them both together so my work could REALLY stand out!

  5. Great set of ‘people shots’ – I always feel slightly awkward about taking photos of peeps, fearing I suppose, that someone will take offense. The costumes here are fascinating but also bizarre and even a little disturbing! (I know that’s probably just me being daft)!

  6. Jayne, I completely agree it feels weird to take pictures of strangers, but in Japan there are about 500 other tourists in this park at any given moment doing the exact same thing. Otherwise, I usually miss a lot of good opportunities because I am too timid!

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