The Eye

On Thursday I had LASIK done on both of my eyes. My contact lenses were -7.00 for the left eye and -7.50 for the right, also known as way past legally blind. Eighteen hours later I was in for my post op and was reading half the letters from the 20/15 line, so things are going quite well. Still, I don’t quite feel like focusing on any pictures for very long, so I am posting up a picture of our kitten Mittens peering around her scratch post since my Mom thinks I do not post enough pictures of our two cats. I have a pile of shots that are either half completed or done and I just don’t quite know how I feel about posting them. I didn’t want to start posting too many cat pictures since there are already enough LOL cats that can has cheez burger on the web!


4 thoughts on “The Eye

  1. Your cat is bloody adorable! He can haz my cheezburger anyday!

    Grats on the Lasik. You’re braver than I. I’m too worried about the long-term side effects to go through with it.

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