A Burning Yearning

Believe it or not, but I spent a lot of time pissed off at Japan. The high road tolls, sneaky expensive train costs, super crowds, waiting in lines, waiting in trains, waiting in traffic, humidity.. I found a lot to frustrate me. Then I left for Turkey thinking I would not be back again, then our plans changed and I ended up getting to spend a couple more months back in Japan before leaving.

While I was away I guess I started to realize how great it was for photography alone. You literally go anywhere in the city and take a picture and  you will usually end up with an interesting building, shrine, or human element. I could never get bored of surfing trains deep into Tokyo with all my camera stuff and an iPod playing the soundtrack to life. The amount of unique culture in Japan is astounding and seems to find its way into almost all said buildings, shrines, and human elements. The way the Japanese people conduct themselves with utmost integrity blows my mind. You can walk around alone with a bag full of money strapped to your back in the middle of the night almost anywhere in Tokyo and you would be okay. I would love to go back someday, but next time up north in the mountains since I am not a big city type of person. Then I would have the best of both worlds dipping my spoon into the big cities when I grow restless from chilling in natural springs with my snow monkey friends.

Ōsanbashi Pier
Ōsanbashi Pier

3 thoughts on “A Burning Yearning

  1. Hello! I’ve been living and working in Yokohama for the past couple years, and I happened upon your blog when browsing around for places to travel in the time I have left here. Fantastic pictures, subtle but effective use of HDR/DRI, and needless to say, you’ve opened up my eyes to lots of amazing scenery that I’ve been taking for granted!

    Referring to previous post, I for one would be greatly appreciative of a HDR/DRI tutorial, if you wouldn’t mind taking the time to do so! It’s only too bad that you’re not in Japan anymore – you frequented Yokohama so much that I would’ve loved to go out shooting together.

  2. Thank you Mike and Herby!

    I would have definitely been down to walk around Yokohama as I did indeed like that area about as much as any place in Tokyo.

    I just got back from a trip and have some school to catch up on, but I will try and get a tutorial up within the next week or two if nothing big comes up.

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