Back in the Day

I cannot believe it has been over 14 months since we were in China, seems like it was the other day. I still have thousands of shots to go through; it is kind of overwhelming, and then I have my wife’s thousands of shots as well! I think I processed these almost a year ago. Another couple from my archive.

This was taken near the beginning of Mt. Huashan. I was expecting the bus to drop us off up on the mountain, but it dropped us off at the very base of the mountain in a little town. The locals would point way off to the top of the mountain and laugh when trying to ask if we were anywhere near Mt. Huashan. It was pretty hot out and it was kind of daunting at first, but it sure was a pretty trail beginning at this point.


The Temple of Heaven at Beijing. I definitely struggled to clean up the sky and have it not look overly garish. The Beijing smog was in full force on this day!

Temple of Heaven


3 thoughts on “Back in the Day

  1. I see you’re using a sigma lens here (per the tags). Tell me, how do you find they compare with their Nikon equivalents?
    I know they’re significantly cheaper but was told that unless you are uber-pro, you won’t really notice the difference. your thoughts?

  2. I like the Sigma 10-20 for landscapes but it is a difficult lens for architecture because it distorts quite a bit. I prefer the Tokina 12-24 for that sort of work. However, Clint does a fabulous job with the lens. I especially like the Temple of Heaven photo.

  3. Thank you both. I agree with burstmode, you have to work with the distortion in certain circumstances, but you can fix a lot of the distortion in post with minimal loss in resolution. I do think the edges on this lens are very poor after I started using the Nikon 14-24, but the 10-20 should keep most people happy in the mean time.

    Also, the Tokina 11-16 gets a lot of praise, but I think the praise is unwarranted. It fairs poorly in almost every technical review I have ever come across and seems to be very prone to problems. I would stay away from that one.

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