The Archive

So I have not been processing photos lately, setting up our place, kittens, and school all kind of have higher priorities lately, but I have this archive folder of shots that I have worked on and then never posted for some reason or another. I don’t know why I do not dig down into my archive folder with my little spoon to keep my blog from getting moldy?


Rainy Day



3 thoughts on “The Archive

  1. I really take your photos as an example for me, I was just wondering… which theme are you using ?? i cant seem to find any theme that can display my pictures in big size.. Thanks ;D

  2. Thanks for the comment! What I had to do to get a clean, white theme AND large pictures was pay for the ability to alter your HTML. I picked one of those sandbox themes and then messed around with the html until I figured out how to widen the columns and allow larger pictures. If you are interested in the HTML, let me know and I can mail that to you. I am actually looking to switch because you have to pay each year or they automatically revert your HTML back to the default code, which I think is kind of stupid. Your site looks great by the way. I would agree you just need larger sized pictures and you are there!

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