The Gateway

After driving from South Dakota down to St. Louis in a day, we were pretty tired and it was very late, but we made a quick stop to see the Gateway Arch. I don’t know how this thing is able to stay standing in a wind storm. Would like to go back for their fireworks display. I have seen some amazing shots with the fireworks going off right next to the arch.

St. Louis-1503

St Louis


7 thoughts on “The Gateway

  1. This is excellent and very different. My wife is from St. Louis and I met her there. I hope you enjoyed the city (hehehe, I don’t but don’t tell my wife).

  2. Woohoo! Hope the move is going well.
    That being said, how did you get such sharpness with such distance? Did you have a really small aperture or just a special kind of lens?

  3. These were both shot at f11. I made sure that my 16-35 I just got was sharp corner to corner or I would have sent it back. I also try and be mindful of using hyper-focal distances, but I suck at math and I might not even be getting close to the correct focus point.

    The real secret is the sharpening program that I use. Nik software has these 2 sharpening programs that I pretty much use on every shot I post nowadays. I would definitely look into trying that program out. It automatically creates layers in Photoshop so you can easily paint through any of the areas you want to remain soft and the sharpened areas look much better than any other program I have ever tried.

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