The Last Walk

Here are a couple of snaps from the last photo walk in Tokyo that the wife and I took a day or two before leaving. I definitely miss the gold mine of photo opportunities in Japan. It would be nice to go back to live again, but this time further north to see something new and beat the crowds a little bit.

These shots are taken in the upscale Roppongi Tower area. I am sure that the meal at this restaurant were not cheap!


A Security Guard Called Wanda


3 thoughts on “The Last Walk

  1. Thanks! For editing I use Lightroom and usually play with the presets I have to see where I would like to go with the color toning, then import into Photoshop to add my sharpening with Nik Sharpener. Nik Sharpener creates a sharpened layer and I can just delete the soft bokeh area off that layer to insure I am not ruining the bokeh.

    If I am ever doing black and white, I definitely just go straight to Nik Silve Effects Pro. The Nik Software is just awesome.

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