We have been planning on getting a cat once we were more settled in here in Georgia, and have been going to the Pet Smart across the street a couple of times now to check out the cats that are brought in from the local animal shelters. One cage looked empty, but while we were looking at the other cats, a dark cat with a neat little silver coat came out to greet and talk to us. I stuck my finger in the cage and he was happy to play. I raised my finger higher and higher until it was at the top of the cage and he climbed up like a little rock climber, then climbed back down, so we couldn’t let a lil rock climber like that go and we took him home.

Meet Monkey.


We don’t know how old he is since animal control found him and his sibling on the street, but he is a lot smaller than he looks in the pictures. Quite a smart and playful little guy. He loves to climb up the bed over and over until he gets tired, then lays down to sleep between me and the wife. He isn’t big into posing for the camera, he is too quick. Fortunately for me though, he doesn’t get scared of it one bit, so he is going to be my little model from now on.




One thought on “Monkey

  1. He’s a cute little Monkey no question about it. Have fun with him and I am glad you’re taking baby (kitten) pictures. They do grow up so fast !! It’s neat you’re adopting critters – rescue animals are the best !

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