I had B&H send me the new 16-35 VR lens to my parents place in Utah. We were visiting for a week after Japan and Zion National Park was only 35 minutes drive away, so it would be an ideal place to see if this lens would perform well enough to replace my amazing 14-24. I am looking into using a square filter system in the future and also purchased an ND 8 filter and circular polarizer. Right now I can tell you that I cannot believe I waited this long to use a circular polarizer. It does a remarkable job of reigning in the entire dynamic range of a shot with a bright sky in it. Here is a quick two-shot panorama from Observation Point taken around mid-day.

Observation Point

I was nervous about this lens since I had seen some online examples taken with it that were pretty fuzzy in the corners, but this copy so far seems to be sharp enough for me (this shot has smearing in the lower right corner due to stretching for the pano). No lens currently matches the Nikon 14-24 in corner sharpness, but it just is not for filter use without an expensive custom filter system and no chance of using a CP.

And one more benefit from this new lens is that it uses 77mm filter threads, the same size used on both models of the 70-200 lens. Here is a shot using that polarizer on my 70-200 to bring out the blue sky and reduce reflections from the sandstone monoliths.



2 thoughts on “Filtered

  1. Thanks for the compliment! I don’t have any special pano gear, not even a bubble level. I just let the software (Autopano Pro 2) do all of the work. Past software was never very good at merging the pano together without having to plot a lot of points on my own, but AP 2 has yet to ask me to plot any points. I would give it a try.

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