Ōsanbashi Pier

Yesterday was a really nice day in Tokyo and Yokohama, shorts weather even. We decided to head to Yokohama for one last time before we leave in a couple of months. I had yet to visit the Ōsanbashi Pier and I did not have a tripod on me for night shots the last time I went. I also finally received a desktop monitor that morning, so finally here I am editing some shots. We are heading to Hokkaido for the majority of next week departing tomorrow, so I gotta post and pack. Excited to get back into the swing of photography when I get back and also hopefully getting some decent shots on the slopes and in Sapporo.

Their pier itself is a geometric orgasm of elegantly placed and angled two-by-four planks; basically the largest, most stylish deck probably on Earth. You could spend a year shooting it everyday and you could probably find a better angle, a better shot each time. Still, I ended up spending most of my time sniping all the interesting people that were out and about.

High Key Ponders

Ruling the Thirds

Your Tie is Showing

The Escapists



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