Railay Night

I used my little Photox Cleon remote to take this 141 second exposure of the west side of Railay, the area that we stayed in. The beaches there are amazing and the reason there are 2 sides is that the hotels are all on a very narrow peninsula that only takes about 5 minutes to walk from one side to the other. Both sides are dotted with restaurants right on the beach and the food is pretty damn good and not too prohibitively expensive at only about 600-800 baht for 2 people with more food than you can usually eat.

I notice a lot of blurriness from the trees on the rock face due to the long exposure, which I now see why most long exposures of the ocean or sea turn out better when you mostly focus on the glassy water and wicked skies that start to come out despite what looks like complete darkness to the human eye. I had a few other long exposures that had long tail boats in them and they were so blurry it kind of ruins the shot for me.

Railay Night


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