Hagia Sophia

It has been a real important week for work and I haven’t really felt like working on anything that takes brain power when I come home, but tonight I finally decided to keep a couple of synapses in my cerebral cortex active for long enough to work on some shots. I had been wanting to post some shots from the Hagia Sophia for a while now, and now here are some architectural shots from what I think is the coolest site to see in Istanbul. This one was taken from our hotel very early in the morning. It is easy to wake up early in Istanbul if you stay near the 2 major mosques.. It sounds like 10 loud speakers are pointed at your window for 5am prayer!

Hagia Sophia

I was kind of dissapointed by two things when I walked into the Hagia Sophia. One, the massive scaffolding was still there 2 and a half years later after my last visit. Two, I was not allowed to climb up it! The restoration process is very time consuming from what I have read. I also have read that the dome is so massive that there has been a lot of problems in the past with shifting and movement of the dome itself and the walls that are supporting it. I think right now they are just working on restoring the mosaics on the ceiling.


I was messing around in Lightroom and came up with an alternate version of this scene. I kind of like the darker feel to it and enjoy the different perspective compared to the shot above, so here it is..

Alternate Distraction


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