Even if I vehemently abhorred Istanbul, which I do not, I have to go back. I am on a mission to get the perfect shot of these glass mosaic lamps. During my first visit years ago, I failed with my point and shoot; I thought this time would be different armed with more knowledge and better gear, yet I still failed to get the shot I had envisioned. This is my best attempt, but I learned that a large depth of field is absolutely key to the result that I am after. I went in with f2.8 and found the bokeh way too distracting for me. There is just too much going on to tease the eye with such a large amount of blur.

Mosaics of Light

One evening we went searching for the Spice Bazaar and thought we found it. I was confused if this was actually a dog and cat food spice bazaar because there was bin after bin of food for furry critters. We later found out that the bazaar was next door and may have been closed on Sundays, but I still felt silly. Special Kedi Maması means= Special Kitty Food. Köpek= Dog. Yummy!

Special Kedi Maması

When we did find the Spice Bazaar, I went all out in my Turkish Delight sampling as I tried to find the best flavors to use as a gift.. The best advice in a situation concerning Turkish Delight is to start slow and build up an iron gut that can support the sheer weight of the concoction as every piece feels like it weighs about 1 pound once it has reached your stomach. Honey is one of the main ingredients for Turkish Delight, so I present you a picture of a jar of honey found in a store overflowing with Turkish Delight.

Honey Ladle

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