Half and Half

On 537 AD, Christians completed the 3rd Hagia Sophia on the same ground as the 2 previous Hagia Sophia basilicas. After the sacking of Constantinople by Ottoman Turks in 1204, the basilica was converted into a mosque and imagery banned by the Muslims was then painted over with plaster frescoes.

In this shot you can see a little of both.

Currently restorers are painstakingly trying to reveal more of the mosaics while trying to strike a balance between Muslim and Christian representation.

The Hagia Sophia is far and away one of the coolest man made structures that I have ever seen and definitely a must see for any visit to Istanbul.

Half and Half

One thought on “Half and Half

  1. History is an incredible thing. For some reason, fate made this place into something special. The artwork is lovely and the figure of the Christ must be, what…10th or 11th century?

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