Moar Kalesi

I am trying to keep motivated to post more photos to this blog since I have such a large backlog of photos and possibly one of the most riveting stories to tell about a boy and his camera… or not. Here is yet another shot of Anavarsa Castle that I took during a 2nd visit last weekend. This time we woke up earlier than before and tried to hit the sunset. We didn’t quite make it for the crack of dawn, but had some time to capture the nice warm hues upon the castle that is literally built upon a massive double-sided cliff as you can see in this shot.

This is a 5 exposure DRI taken at .77 EV intervals. For those of you wondering what in the hell DRI is, it is basically another way to merge multiple exposures that will result in more dynamic range than a camera sensor can typically obtain in a single exposure. DRI is a bit more natural looking than an HDR. A lot architecture and landscape shots I process, I create an HDR version, a DRI version, and then merge those into my 0 EV exposure, painting in parts for each version that I like.

Anavarsa Kalesi-0765_6_7_8_9


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