Okay, one more posting of the amazing YilanKale or Snake Castle that is nearby where I live.. At least for now. This castle dates back to the 12th century and is part of a series of castles that is in view of other castles usually built on hilltops that start at the Mediterranean Sea and stretch deep into the Çukurova plain. I was setting up for a shot a few meters to the right when my friend pointed out the moon shining through the door from his vantage point, so I quickly dashed over there and frantically set up for my 5 bracketed shots. I wished that I had a zoom handy at that moment. I will have to go back and wait for the moon to do this again and focus in on that.

Snake Castle Moonrise

This was the first spot that I had visited in Turkey the first time I arrived close to 4 years ago. The thing that stood out to the most after living in the states my entire life before was that you are allowed to climb on anything at this castle. Come to find out that is the norm for pretty much every historical site in Turkey, but it is kind of nice to not be babied along with hand rails and closed off areas.

Anyways, I was going to post one more, but I didn’t realize it sucked so bad until I uploaded it to Flickr so I had to delete it and just give you this one shot! That means I can post one more Snake Castle picture if I feel like it this week!


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