Internet Değilum

Wow, I have been without Internet for a little over a week since I just moved from one location to another. I don’t even know what to do with myself if I cannot read about photography or go through blogs or Flickr. I actually started playing games or processing photos when I had free time. I thought I would quick post up a 360 degree panorama of Snake Castle (Yilankale Kalesi) comprised of 7 frames and made up of 34 shots spaced @ 1 EV and then merged together using Photomatix’s DRI function. You have to view this one at max size to really appreciate it.

Snake Castle Panorama

The sunsets in this area are amazing, probably due to the plethora of burning fields present during the later parts of the year. Anyways, I was driving back home from Snake Castle last evening while the sun was disappearing behind the horizon and thought I had finally found an interesting shot a little too late of this creepy looking gas station. The HDR really pulled out the colors on this shot even though the sun was only casting indirect rays on the horizon by then.

Ghast Station

There were some other abandoned buildings that I had spied nearby that I will have to visit again. I sure am glad I have my big-bad-evil tripod Demonicus when I am in these seedier areas. It was definitely a little bit spooky since my past experiences in Turkey is that there is always someone in the bushes, behind the trees, or in an old building even if it is out in the middle of nowhere.


5 thoughts on “Internet Değilum

  1. Two huge thumbs up for this entire Turkey series – absolutely amazing. I love the 360 panorama – I’ve got a 4-monitor display in my office, and I think I might have just found my new wallpaper…. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks! And… Wow! Four monitors??? You must work with a lot of numbers and spreadsheets. I am going to guess you are probably a lot better at math than I could ever be.

  3. Your photography is very high quality, enjoyable and inspiring. The large format of some pictures makes them suitable for our viewer.
    Please take a look, the following link will display your 360 panorama “Snake Castle” with some background Turkish music:©%20Clint%20K.&Type=2&AutoSpin=T&Sound=

    Good luck in your travels!

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