Tsubakuro-Dake Twighlight

I haven’t been posting much and I really had to fight with myself to find the motivation to even process this photo real quick. I have roughly 5,000 photos in Lightroom from this year alone that I need to either delete or process and upload and I think this daunting task wears me out just thinking about it! Of course, many shots are multiple exposures, but that means a lot more work to propperly HDR, DRI, or both, then merge with the best exposure. Here is another shot during our trip to the Japanese Alps taken with the last remaining light of the day, looking towards Tsubakuro-Dake. It was extremely cold by this time and I am highly impressed with the people who decided to sleep in those tents that night. I have never had a warm night camping on snow, and I have never even tried to do it on the edge of a windy ridge. Tsubakuro-Dake Twighlight


One thought on “Tsubakuro-Dake Twighlight

  1. Aah, you get the stove going and a drop of the good stuff inside you, and suddenly camping in snow doesn’t feel so bad any more! Of course, real men dig holes in the snow and sleep in there instead 🙂

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