A Leisurely Curiosity

Our timing for our China trip was perfect if you like rain. We heard from fellow travelers that they had not come across rain for over a couple of months while in country. Most days it was okay since it would let up for most of the day. We had one day in Xingping, which is near the tourist trap of Guilin, that pretty much kept us inside or under an umbrella or awning all day. I took out my rarely used 55-200 lens and had a lot of fun taking pictures of the locals under the protection of our hostels’ porch.

Usually I am a bit timid when it comes to photographing strangers, but as a Westerner in China, everyone will stare, stop and take pictures, and all around be very excited to see you. That makes it a lot easier to reciprocate the curiosity with my own camera.

A Leisurely Curiosity


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