I thought I would put up a couple of pictures from our trip to Prague in October 2006. We were living in Turkey at the time and I ended up tagging along with wifey to Germany where she was having PRK eye surgery. She was adamant that we had to go on this trip while her eyes were in the somewhat painful and sensitive days of recovery. She couldn’t see much since her vision was blurry, but we had a great time anyways. Prague has got to be the neatest city I have ever seen. It is painful to know that I was a complete noob to photography and only had my crummy Panasonic point and shoot.

This is a shot of 14th century Karlštejn Castle that is about an hours drive from Prague, easily the coolest, most well-kept castle I have ever seen. Unfortunately we were only allowed in the smallest section of the castle you can see on the far right. It was surprisingly bleak inside the section we did see, I recommend not wasting your time with that part of the tour and just checking out all the vantage points around the castle instead.

Karlštejn Castle

This is a shot of a 14th century remodel of Hradcany Castle which is on top of a large hill overlooking the city of Prague. I know it is a little washed out, but you have to understand that the area of my mind that processes photography was not only dormant, but also existing in a ghetto.

Prague Castle From a Bridge 2

As far as cities go, Prague easily tops my list of the most photogenic cities with its’ endless amount of draw dropping architecture that is intricately detailed and immaculately preserved. Luckily, the Czechs have not yet destroyed their beautiful city with modern high rises and massive Wallmart and Ikea stores.

4 thoughts on “Prague

  1. Paul- Thank you for the complements. I would say that you can pretty much start at the Charles Bridge and walk in any direction from there. The astronomical tower, the Dancing building, Prague Castle, The Jewish Quarter, and a ton of cathedrals are all nearby and within walking distance or a short trolly/subway ride. Be sure to buy the multi day pass because the subways have every block covered and are extremely convenient.

    I would definitely go see Hradcany Castle as it was well worth the 45 minute drive and can easily be booked from most hotels.

    We have heard great things about Karlovy Vary, but that is a bit further out and we only had 2 full days. We will visit that next time for sure.

  2. That bottom photo is spectacular – no problems there for the Panasonic point & shoot!

    My folks spend a lot of time in Prague, & love it. I should really try to go with them next time…

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