Mo Blossom

You would not believe how quickly the blossoms come and go here in Japan. It only takes about 3-4 days to achieve full bloom and then you only have about 4-5 days before the bottom half of the tree loses its’ blossoms seemingly overnight. Then you have about a day left before the blossoms completely disappear from the rest of tree. This seem to be the natural cycle and a good rainstorm can shorten the time even more!

Old School Hanami

One thought on “Mo Blossom

  1. Clint,

    Just checked my blog’s comments for the first time in six months. Clicked your link. Dropped jaw. These shots are brilliant!

    We really should get a meal or something if we’re ever in the same town. Renee and I are moving back to Utah for at least the summer. Don’t know where you’ll be.

    Send me an email.


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