Hanami Part I

Last weekend we went out to Showa Kinen Park located in Tachikawa which is a short train ride from our place. Showa is a massive park surrounded by 14 kilometers of bike trail and full of beautiful flower gardens and blossoming trees. Since Hanami is in full swing in Japan, there was a massive line that had formed prior to the 9:30 opening. When the gates opened it was like the start of a 1,000 meter dash. Most of the locals will bring rolling luggage and carts full of picnic supplies and within hours of opening the massive grass areas are overtaken by blankets, tarps, and card board. The smells of BBQ food and the flower garden are inescapable.


The day we went to the park, I had an adverse reaction to some stupid mediation I had just started that day which hit me when I came home. It made my heart race for about 18 hours and this entire week I feel like I climbed Mt. Fuji just walking across our apartment! Needlessly to say, I have completely ignored my photos until now. So far I am not impressed with my cherry blossom photos. I think I may have to steal some of wifey’s photos and post them up instead. I feel a lot better now, so I will try and get some cherry blossom photos up shortly.

7th String Bench


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