The Process

My wife serves as a photographic consultant for a lot of my photos. Usually I will have two versions of the same photograph with varying levels of processing. I need her to balance my preference out because the synapses in my brain are definitely more excited by scenes that contain some element that you would most likely not see with the naked eye if you were standing at each scene. She prefers a more natural or lifelike look when viewing photos. Eventually one picture makes it to my recycle bin and the other goes online.

Tonight I over ruled her and this processed abomination won over the realistic looking version. I created a DRI out of 3 exposures then applied some sharpening and LucisArt ‘sculpture’ processing to it. Then I imported it back into Lightroom because I really like the ease at which it allows you to selectively desaturate your work. The 3 most important sliders to achieve this look are blacks to about 60, vibrance to 40, and saturation to -70. From there I slightly tweak each slider and the individual color channels. This look makes for some pretty neat portraits as well.



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