Rainbow Bridge

This shot was take from an amazing spherical observatory within the Fuji TV building in Odaiba. We were in a hurry to get up there before the sunset was over, thus I neglected to get any worthwhile pictures of the outside, although, I will definitely be heading back to photograph that architectural monster.

Inside the sphere they were cranking their lights up for a TV show that was about to be filmed making the windows a reflection hell. I shot a ton of shots trying to get the bridge without picking up the reflections. This one still had them, they were just easier to remove than my other shots. In hindsight, I probably should have tried using my CPL to help remove the reflections.

Rainbow Bridge

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge

  1. Did you visit 「台場一丁目商店街」 (Daiba-icchoume-shoutengai)? It’s an area of the Decks shopping area that looks like nostalgic Showa-era Japan.

    You’ve been in Japan nearly two years? How long do you plan to stay?

  2. We hadn’t visited that area yet, though we will definitely keep it in mind when we go back.

    Yeah it will be 2 years in May. We plan on staying here for a total of 3 years and then if everything works out we will move back to where we came from, Turkey.

    What about you? I see you have been in Japan since 1990! Your site is very informative! Thanks for stopping by this blog.

  3. >What about you?

    I’ve immigrated here. We’re staying in Tokyo permanently.

    >Your site is very informative!

    Thank you.
    Feel free to comment anytime.

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